If you have ever wondered if your current dog would like having a new housemate ? Or you're afraid you won't bring home a dog they like. Perhaps your dog needs more time than a typical introduction. Even if you just  want to make sure your dog has a say in their new pal. This could be the service for you and your dog(s). 

Let Your Dog Chose Their Next Best Friend

Fill Out Adoption Application


You can find this on our website. After you've filled it out we will email you back. Let us know that you're interested in our Dog-To-Dog Adoption program.  

Come Meet Your Possible Matches!


Come to our facility to meet the possible matches based on your application. Always keep a open mind and understand some dogs need a little time to warm up to new people. 

Drop your dog off for the best sleepover!


 We will set you up with a 2 day stay for your dog(s) at a discounted price of $50 or $70 for 2 dogs (which will be taken off the adopted dogs adoption fee). If you don't chose to adopt the dog your dog has chosen your $50 will go towards UCC's enrichment fund.

 (See below for more Sleepover details.)

Your dog will receive all the care our regular borders do , except with  continuous Meets. 

What Happens During Their Sleepover?

Time To Rest And Explore.


Your  dog will get to settle into our environment. This is important because we want them to be as comfortable as possible to meet new friends. During the first day they will get to explore our yards and get to know staff. Then they may be tested on playability with a staff dog who is trained in proper greetings. This will allow us to start off with great vibes before meeting others. The will throughout the day meet dogs that are a match for your household. After they have met everyone they get to rest up. Pampered with room service, snacks, and even some classical music. The following day the will re-meet their favorite(s) and play at least two more times! 

Want To Know How The Greets Go?


No worries we will  be taking  photos and videos the whole time! We can keep you updated with their progress.  

Going Home With Your New Dog


Pick up will consist of you first greeting your dogs new friend and your newest family member. Then we bring our your current dog(s). you'll get to watch them interact in real time! This is a wonderful experience. Depending on the dog's experience we also may offer to drop off your newest dog to your home to ensure that everyone still gets along at home.