We have a wide range of training options


The Basics

The basics of dog training start with Sits, Downs, Come, Stay , along with overall good manners. As is no jumping , staying of the tables, drop it, leave it, and go to your bed/place. This "simple" tricks will help you better enjoy life with your dog. We want to help you with this task. It can be frustrating especially when you haven't done it before or maybe it was just different with your last dog. We can even show you how to read your dogs body language.  For puppies or young adults this could also include help with potty training.  This could also extend to wanting to teach your dog some new tricks! 

"Basic Training" - $80 an hour 

4 lesson package- $300

Travel fee after a 10 mile radius from our facility


Socialization and Anxiety

Does your dog seem to go into a panic when encountering new things? Do you notice them pace , whine or even bark when "scary" things are near? Maybe they just want to back away and hide? We can help with that! Most of the time a dog seems nervous or scared of the world its just a lack of confidence. We can help show you how to encourage the right behaviors in new situations.  Big or small dogs can be affect by anxiety and as their caretaker you should help them overcome it. It can take time and may even be a little stressful for them at first. Its important for your dog to learn the world isn't a evil place. We may suggest they even stay a day or two with us once we begin the training. Using proven methods, tools and personal knowledge we can set your pup back on the right track! 

"Socializing and Anxiety" - $80 an hour

4 lesson package- $300 

 Travel fee after a 10 mile radius from our facility 


Dog-To-Dog Integration

Also known as household integration. This is referring to owning a dog  that you would like to get along with another dog.  It could be two dogs of your own household that don't get along that great, a friends dog, a family members dog, or maybe even a neighbor.  This requires two trainers to ensure everyone's safety. We will go at your dogs pace and be sure things don't get too stressful. In this situation it can be very scary to not know what to do. We can help you and help you obtain the knowledge on how your dog prefers to meet others. Every dog is a individual and we know it.  We can even train the dogs that don't really like other dogs.  If you are looking for your dog to be better at greeting dogs in general we may want to pair your training with a Stay & Play option. 

"Dog-To-Dog Integration" - $120 an hour (two trainers-two dogs)

4 lesson package - $460 

Travel fee after a 10 mile radius from our facility 


Reactivity and Mild Aggression


Reactivity can be one of the scariest and most needed issue for a trainer. Luckily we can help you with that.  Most people relate reactivity to aggression , although that is somewhat correct its typically not streaming from anger but fear.  Every dog can react to people, other dogs, or sounds in different ways. The worse being snarling, lunging and barking. If you are tired of just avoiding the world that your dog can't handle let us help you. This isn't a magical solution, but can be improved with lots of training and consistinsity.  Your dog loves you and that is what matters most in this process. 

"Reactivity and Mild Aggression"- $120 an hour

4 lesson package - $460 an hour ( two trainers, one dog) 

Travel fee after a 10 mile radius from our facility 


Expert Doggie Playdates

Does your dog need new friends but you can't see to find them any? Maybe your friends/family dogs are too rude? Or perhaps they are a bit socially awkward and need a dog that understands them. Well we have 4 working dogs trained to play! They would love to come romp around or even go for a walk with your dog.  You can feel safe with the help of trainers and their beloved dogs.  What a great way to keep your dog socialized! 

Your dog must be somewhat good with others, be updated rabies and distemper vaccinations and be between 10-65lbs!


"Expert Doggie Playdate" - $80 an hour(2 hour max, two trainers, 2 dogs)

4 lesson package- $300 

Travel fee after a 10 mile radius from our facility