Socialization is the Most Important part of a dog's life!


Let Us Do The Socializing For You!

It's hard raising a well rounded puppy. We know and we've been there too. Puppies need to constantly be building confidence, learning manners , meeting other animals and learning how to just deal with this great big world we live in.  At UCC we can show them what life is all about! They will learn social skills and keep up on their basic training.  Our puppy camp is much more than what you'd do in a puppy class but they get to attend without parents.


We Offer Puppy Camp In Two Forms !

Sleepaway Camp

$210 (for dogs 10 weeks-5 months)

$240 (for dogs 6 months-9 months)

Your puppy stays with us for a jam packed week of fun! They will also learn how to be apart from you. This helps with preventing separation anxiety. They will begin crate training if not already started. Learning to entertain themselves instead of getting into trouble.

 (Must bring own food)

Day Camp 

 $240(for dogs 10 weeks- 5 months) 

$300 (for dogs 6 months-9 months)

Your puppy comes 3 times a week for 4 weeks. This will allow your puppy to experience rides and routine.  Great option for someone that may be interested in daycare in the future for their pup. This option gives us a longer period of time for us to show your dog the world. 


How Do We Do It?

 Our puppy camp is much more than what you'd do in a puppy class but they get to attend without parents.  Puppies will meet new doggie friends of various sizes(with safety always in mind!) Engage with a cat. Learn how to go under, over and through objects to build confidence. Practice their balancing skills. Learn to be separate from humans. Crate training. See new items and smell new smells. Work on basics: sit, come, leash manners.  Try out agility, frisbee, ball, and scent work. Meet new people. Learn to be in new environments. Your pup will gain so much experience from the time they spend with us. 

Your puppy will go home with a report of their journey, homework, a piece of artwork, along with a certificate of completion.

Camp is recommended to be repeated or in combo with a puppy class.