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Social Improvement Program


What Is It?

Does your dog bark, lunge or growl at other dogs? Do you wish your pup had more doggie friends?  If your dog struggles with other dogs on leash, has been kicked out or denied from a "traditional" doggie daycare, or your just not sure if your dog likes other dogs. Sign up for a Social Improvement Program Evaluation! And get your dog on the path to safe socialization!  We want to help you! This unique class at U.C.C is run by specialists. Let us use our tools, skills, and knowledge to better your dogs and your life. 

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How Do We Do It?

We take things slow and at your dogs pace. During their day with us , they will enjoy activities to encourage them to think instead of taking immediate action. We do this by a series of scent boosting walks, brain games, confidence building activities and exercises. As they build on their skills they get introduced to neutral dogs (typically staffs) to provide positive dog-to-dog exprecinces. Primarily using positive reinforcement, light corrections(things like leash tugs/water bottles) and focusing skills to get the right reaction and discourage the negative . As we learn about your dog they will receive a specialized plan, that helps them build on their social skills. Each dog is different and each dog will improve at their own pace.


Where To Start?

Start by filling out a behavioral form be as detailed as possible about your dog. We schedule a eval day where we can meet your dog via email. (You can find this form in the link above). This is where we observe your dog's possible triggers, fears, and strength of reactivity.  Your dog will stay the day or half day with us for the eval. This gives them the chance to settle into the new environment and meet our staff. Some dog may take longer to adjust than others and that's okay! Let us know what the overall goal is for your pal. Eval day is $50 and paid separate from the class cost. Most dogs have the potential to overcome reactivity or fear and maybe even make a few friends! 

Discounted rates for other local shelter dogs that could benefit from our program. As improving social skills will increase chances of adoption. Please contact us if you would like to sponsor a local shelter dog's behavior program. 

Please note: 

Check IN between 9AM- 10AM

Check OUT between  3:30-5PM

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Call Us  At  (845)-246-0751

Terms Of Agreement For The Social Improvement Program

 Every dog progresses at their own pace. There is no guarantee that they will be apart of daily pack play. Socialization is key and comes in many forms. This includes : Intros, pack play, brain games,  reactivity modification, staff bonding, confidence building exercises and being in new environments. Drop off and pick up times are essential to our and their day! 

 Some dogs need time to feel comfortable in the new environment and that's okay. It's good for dogs to experience new things even if it's scary because it will teach them how to deal with new situations. Dogs like this will need confidence building activities. Nervous dogs tend to pant and because they're nervous forget to drink though every dog has fresh water throughout the whole day. Over excited dogs tend to be too distracted to remember they need water. In both nervous and over excited dogs it is common to get soft stool. We will always let the parent know if they have had this throughout the day however it may not be seen until they've gone home.  If we ever think your dog is feeling sick or gets injured we will contact you for pick up. If your dog ever needs immediate medical attention we will bring them to a emergency vet. You however will be expected to pay the cost of their bill. Your dog is here to have a good time but for some dogs that takes time. We would love every dog to make friends right away but this isn't usually the case. Your dog matters to us, as every dog matters to us!   Paying in advance for you class allows us to save your dog's spot as we are limited to 4 dogs a day at this time. This ensures every dog gets what they need to progress.  Per class  you are granted one roll over day. This means if you cannot make it your paid day will roll over  to the following week. Please use this day if your dog is not feeling well! Any switches in day need to be known in advance and may be denied.  If U.C.C cancels your SIP for the day/week , you receive a automatic roll over day. We have limited each dog to attend at maximum once a week. However there is always the option to day board without having SIP. If have already used your roll over day you will be not be refunded for any extra missed days( case by case situations will be considered). Drop off is between 9-10am. If you come in between 10:01-10:30 you will have to pay a fee of $15 for your dog to attend the day. If you attempt to come in after 10:30 you will denied entry. Every day counts and helps your dog move forward. 

  Safety is a top priority! We will do everything in our power to make sure you dog doesn't only have a good time but a safe one. This means if need be your dog can be dismissed from our Social Improvement Program at ANY time. If we can not contain your dog in a crate or kennel without damage it is unlikely they can stay the day with us. If your dog does a extreme amount of damage we may issue a bill to cover the cost of repair. Our facility is not only to improve the lives of the public's dogs but for our own staff dogs and dogs awaiting their furever homes. If your dog is entered into SIP then you are automatically agreeing to you dog socializing to any dog seen fit to by staff that may include any of the dogs on the property.  

 Our price per S.I.P Class is $250(Category 1 dogs)) or $350 (Category 2 dogs) which is done in 6 week intervals. Categories are decided by Evals scheduled ahead of time via email. At the end of the 6 week period most people renew their registration. Week 6 is where parent-teacher conferences are held to show you how to maintain your dog's progress. ONLY DOGS come for class. This price covers the training your dog is getting not just for the hours they are here. Our program focuses on improving your dog's social skills. This is not always easy and requires professional training and dedication . The price is broken down to $45(CAT 1) or $65(CAT 2) a day, $25 for the 30 minute Parent-Teacher on week 6. Payment in advance ensures your dogs spot and our time. 

 We are here to help your dog grow! We promise to love and care for them like they are our own. Ulster County Canines is a family and we want to make sure rules and guidelines are in place to keep everyone involved happy and safe.