Stay & Play , S.I.P Alternate

How Would Your Dog Benfit From This Program?

 More often than not reactive dogs are labeled "aggressive". This is not always the case. These behaviors are often misunderstood, keeping the dog away from situations that the could potentially benefit from with the right handling.  During this program we have the opportunity to help your dog reach their full social potential. With their stay of 2 weeks(14 days) , staff gets the chance to see who your dog truly is. Having hands on time with them through the whole day. Understanding their triggers and finding what works for them. We can then translate to you what your dog needs to succeed socially in real world.

How do you the human benefit from this program?

The key to success for your dog is finding out who they are as a  "DOG" Vs who we think they are. We  provide you with proper handling gear and tools to ensure safety and continued progress when your dog goes home. This includes your Transfer Translation lesson when your dog finishes a session of our program. Email us today as spaces are limited! Please read all info on this page before signing up

Retention support available after completed program by email to keep you on the right track.  

Pricing (Determined by Eval)

Evals - $50 (Eval may be waived to previous clients)

Typically  $1,300

Stay & Trains Also Available

Stay and Trains structured similarly but focus on other tasks. Most commonly basic training but is customized to you and your dogs needs. Register by following the link below.  We can help you train your dog! 


Where To Start?

Start by filling out our S.I.P form be as detailed as possible about your dog. We schedule a eval day where we can meet your dog via email after the form has been submitted. (You can find this form in the link above). Evals for Stay & Play are 20-45 minutes long.  Evals  are $50 but will go towards your final bill. This is where we observe your dog's possible triggers, fears, and strength of reactivity.  Some dog may take longer to adjust than others and that's okay! Let us know what the overall goal is for your pal. Most dogs have the potential to improve or overcome reactivity and fear and maybe even make a few friends! 


Terms Of Agreement For Stay & Play

   Every dog progresses at their own pace. There is no guarantee that they will be apart of daily pack play. Socialization is key and comes in many forms. This includes : Intros, pack play, brain games,  reactivity modification, staff bonding, confidence building exercises and being in new environments.  Some dogs need time to feel comfortable in the new environment and that's okay. It's good for dogs to experience new things even if it's scary because it will teach them how to deal with new situations. Dogs like this will need confidence building activities. If we ever think your dog is feeling sick or gets injured we will contact you for pick up. If your dog ever needs immediate medical attention we will bring them to a emergency vet. You however will be expected to pay the cost of their bill. Your dog is here to have a good time but for some dogs that takes time. We would love every dog to make friends right away but this isn't usually the case.


  Your dog matters to us, as every dog matters to us!   Safety is a top priority! We will do everything in our power to make sure you dog doesn't only have a good time but a safe one. This means if need be your dog can be dismissed from our Stay & Play Program at ANY time. If we can not contain your dog in a  kennel or crate without damage it is unlikely they can stay with us. If your dog does a extreme amount of damage we may issue a bill to cover the cost of repair. Our facility is not only to improve the lives of the public's dogs but for our own staff dogs and dogs awaiting their furever homes. If your dog is entered into Stay & Play Program then you are automatically agreeing to you dog socializing to any dog seen fit to by staff that may include any of the dogs on the property.  We are here to help your dog grow! We promise to love and care for them like they are our own. Ulster County Canines is a family and we want to make sure rules and guidelines are in place to keep everyone involved happy and safe.