Anyone who dedicates their hearts to our cause is a part of our family.

 We're made up of individuals that have dedicated themselves to our cause of rescuing, caring for and helping dogs. Every member of staff and volunteer is a key part of progress. Life has brought us all together to fulfill the mission of Ulster County Canines.  We're here to serve the community , enhancing the Human-Canine  and Canine-Canine bond. 

If you're interested in volunteering please send us a email telling us about your dog experience background.

Working Dogs Of U.C.C




Slushy the Husky, is the baby of the U.C.C family.  She is learning new, healthy, playskills to help benefit other dogs. She's a very happy, bouncy girl thats ready to meet everyone!  Good girl, Slush! 

Staff member Ashley's 

Mars Bars



Mars the Dalmatian pup is a great pack player. Many dogs find comfort in his wiggly body language.  He was once adoptable from U.C.C and quickly found a home with the pack play master. Now he spends his days not only enjoying himself but helping his new friends enjoy themself too! Good boy Mars Bars!

  Staff member Ashley's 



Cupid is a 1 1/2 year old Rough Collie. He is a key part in our Social Improvement Program. He speaks fluent dog and uses his own knowledge to slowly teach others how to properly play.  Good boy Q! 

 Staff member Ashley's



Cece is a 1 year old Great Dane pup. She is great at showing dogs how to get comfortable in a new environment. She's ready to be anyone's best friend. She mainly works with other giant dog breeds. Good Girl Cece! 

 Staff member Jamie's 



Loosh is our big grandpa, hes 8 years old! He loves to hangout with anyone. He's a easy going dog with knowledge to spare. Thank you Loosh!

 Staff member Jamie's 



Lenny is under a year but such a tall noodle! He's a Great Dane/ Malinois DNA tested mix! He is a silly boy whos ready to run around with any new pal. Good boy Len! 

Staff member Jamie's 



 Boyko was once a adoptable from U.C.C with dog-dog social issues. Thanks to S.I.PS he now has many doggie friends and siblings. He now is able to help stabilize dog packs for other dogs socially struggling. Thank you Boyko! 

Staff member Ashley's 



Layla is mixed breed. She's a spunky dog whos helps out in our Social Improvement Program. Her high energy can trigger reactions in other dogs which then lets staff teach those dogs the proper response.  Thank you Layla! 

Owned by staff member- Jamie

Working Humans Of U.C.C

Jamie Stech


Founder/Director of all things U.C.C

Certified In:


Canine Good Citizen Evaluator

CPR And Canine First-Aid 

Fairy Dog Mother

Adam Saunders




ABC Certified 

Facility Maintenance 

Assistant to all things U.C.C

Ashley George


Director Of Canine Social Behavior And Temperament

Certified In:

Pet Education 

Pet Hygiene

Dog Cognition

Pet Grooming

CPR And Canine First-Aid 

Animated Dog Narrator

Drew Corbeil


Lead Canine Handler

Professionally Trained  Dog Handler

Years of Experience

Studying toward certifications



Kennel Assistant

Professionally Trained

Years Of experience  



Kennel Assistant 

Professionally Trained 


Years of Experience  




Years Of Experience

Great Listener

Cares For All 


Benny the Inspiration


 Ulster County Canines is a non profit organization whose mission is to provide temporary shelter and finding of adoptive homes for dogs in need. Dogs in traditional shelter settings whose behaviors have prevented adoption for one year or more. By providing in home environment training, obedience training , behavior modification, and social modification. U.C.C. also offers in home retention support for the length of life of each dog adopted. When you book a a stay for your dog with U.C.C proceeds go directly to helping dogs in need here in Ulster County!!! 

We are a Non-profit 501-3c!

Please consider helping us reach goals and care for the dogs in our care. These dog's happiness and health are main priority.  To learn how you can help follow the link below.