We can board dogs with special behavior needs!!!

Ulster County Canines offers safe, reliable boarding option for your fearful, anxious, or "aggressive" type dogs while your away. We offer a comfortable, environment for dogs who require special care, handling, and housing due to fear, anxiety, or aggression issues. This includes dogs that aren't great with other dogs or dogs with bite historys. We love them all.

Overnight Boarding


Why Board With U.C.C?

 When you board with U.C.C your dog gets so much more than just shelter . They'll get relaxation, adventure and friendship.  We provide a enriching environment so you dog stays happy and sane no matter how long you're away. Every day we make sure to provide your dog with new things to do. We're staffed with certified canine professionals. Our facility can hold up to 40 dogs. We staff 1 handler per 10 dogs to ensure detailed individual attention and care.  Try some of our Add-Ons for even more fun! Our staff takes the time to bond with your pal so they can find comfort and affection from us.  We provide large yards to romp in and walks to explore new things. For socially appropriate dogs we even have play group(make sure to check our facebook page to see who your dog has made friends with). Your dog is our priority and we will do our best to keep them happy, healthy, loved and enriched! 


What' Exactly Is Their Day Like?

 Every day after breakfast, room service attends to their kennel while they go out for a morning stroll. We change their, bedding, water, toys, then sweep and mop until shiny.  When they come in we take extra time to make sure they know how good they are and give them lots of affection.

During the afternoon our activities/enrichment begins: Playgroups are made. Hikes/Walks are started.  Photos are taken. Specialized love is given. The pool is prepped. Cars are loaded for field trips. Kongs/Activity balls are stuffed. Annex is ready for visits.  Kennels are re-fluffed. The day is great!

(All Add-Ons are performed this includes training)

As the day comes to end, dinner is served to all. Last potty trips are made, sometimes with their new pals. Waters are always full and messes are always cleaned. We pass out kongs/bones every other night for midnight snacking. Staff makes sure everyone is tucked in and feels loved before turning off the lights and letting them get a good night's sleep. There's more fun to be had tomorrow, sleep well babies.


What Else Should You Know ?

Drop Off / Pick up Times are between




We provide most things your dog will need while staying with U.C.C. So all they need is: 

Food for their entire stay


Collar(not a choke chain)

Any Medications

 We Promise To Treat Your Dog With Love And Respect.  Our facility has 2 certified pet CPR and canine first aid staff members, one of which lives premises. In case of emergency we use Animal Emergency Clinic Of The Hudson Valley , who assess the injury and what to do going forward . Clients have the option to keep a credit card on file for these situations, we contact owners immediately when a injury occurs no matter how minor or major.We go over this in our General Waiver we have you sign before leaving your dog in our care.  

It's a pleasure meeting  every dog, even if they're not comfortable with us right away. We have skilled staff that knows how to speak their language. We believe you should do all things with love. 

Overnight Boarding - $35 per day  ($30 per day for 2nd dog)

$5 off any service for any dog adopted out by U.C.C

* All proceeds go to helping Ulster County Canine's dogs in need