Our Facility

Our facility is not your traditional boarding or shelter scenario.


Traditionally dogs are housed in kennels with indoor and outdoor fenced areas, allowing them shelter from the weather and access to potty outside. However this housing aggagment requires very little HANDS-ON time spent with the dogs. In other facilities your dog is usually provided food and walk a day but primarily spends most of their time kenneled. Or free roam with no kennel but have no quiet time to themselves, with little supervision in a pack setting. Here a U.C.C dogs get the best of both worlds and so much more. Our kennels are apart of our home. Set up for each dog's preferences and comfort needs. We focus on hands on activities with your dog through out our property. 

Adventure Zone


Primarily used for smaller pack play and physical enrichment.

Play Hard Yard


Primarily used for one-on-one activities,bigger pack play and scent enrichment.

Our Kennels

Though these pictures feature the kennels they do not show how they are kept. Kennels typically have a bed, fresh water, blankets, toys and bone to chew. Check back soon for updated photos!